Dog Walking and Pet Sitting - 2015
30 Minute Visit - $19 (includes dog walk)
30 Minute Visit (over 5 miles) - $21 (includes dog walk)
30 Minute Visit (over 8 miles) - $23 (includes dog walk)
Bedtime Visits (after 9.00 p.m.) - $30 (includes dog walk)
20 Minute Mid-day Visit - $15 (includes dog walk)
One week of Mid-day Visits - $68 (Mon-Fri, within 5 mile radius only)
One Hour Doggie Hike in Umstead State Park - $40

Reservations made within 72 hours of service date are subject to a $25 surcharge fee. 

PuppyActive is primarily a Mon to Fri business.  Pet sitting availability during weekends/evenings is limited and not always offered.  For 2015 - PuppyActive will be closed for all visits during Thanksgiving & Christmas/New Year.
Extra Cat/Dog - $3/$5
Guinea Pig/Bunny/Chinchilla/Fish - $3
Administering Medication/Injections/SQ Fluids - No charge when part of scheduled visit. 

Minimum of 3 visits per day for dogs (mid-days exempt), 1 visit per day for cats on consecutive days.

Pets must have a current Rabies vaccination and receive regular flea and heartworm treatments.
Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
Zip Code 27560 - Morrisville Parkway/Morrisville Carpenter areas, Carpenter Village areas, Breckenridge, Wexford, Town Hall Commons area, Twin Lakes, Hamlet on the Park, Kitts Creek and surrounding areas. 

Zip Code 27519 - Cary Park, all Amberly areas, Cameron Pond and surrounding areas. 

Zip Code 27513 - Preston Village areas.